Viva la Beard!

This is a longer post that hits on almost all of the points that are brought against bike for beards and the fallacies within them.

Writing About Stuff And Things

Over the past month or so, there’s been more media buzz about the BYU facial hair rule and students petitioning to change it. And unlike Kim Kardashian’s butt or some royal baby perpetuating an outdated monarchy in England, I felt like this news story was actually relevant. You see, I’m a Mormon who believes it’s time to adjust the BYU facial hair restrictions. It’s shocking, right? A married, returned missionary, temple recommend-holding Latter-Day Saint such as myself can actually advocate that beards are okay.

‘Tis blasphemy!

To clarify, I am not currently attending BYU. I got back from my mission in May, got into the whole marriage business, and I’ll be returning to the Y in January. And until then, I’m enjoying this beard of mine.

The biggest response I’m hearing from the beard haters goes along the line of “Well why don’t you just go somewhere else?” or “There…

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