The Bearded Badge of Shame

You may be aware that there has been a small movement of students that are encouraging the revisitation and discussion of BYU’s (and other CES schools) policy against beards. The movement has garnered media attention on The Salt Lake Tribune, The Huffington Post, Jezebel, and The New York Times to name a few. In response to this attention the organization of schools seems to have responded with a heavier hand and no signs of official discussion or statements.
Many students that have visited the campus beard doctor to get their medical beard exemptions have been denied, as administration is buckling down on who they give these exemptions to. In the past week or two LDSBC has changed their policy into something so ridiculous it’s surprising. See the pictures below of a student that MUST parade around with a Badge of Shame, a beard exemption dog tag and dress to a higher standard than his fellow students in order to make up for his beard. He has a beard because he is acting in films about the New Testament. Let’s get this discussed at a level that can make decisions, and have our voice heard that we don’t believe that harsher and stricter policy, regarding an ever more popular and mainstream facial hair look, is the answer.

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or email the Honor Code Counselor that signed off on the badge and CC: (dean of students BYU)​​ (associate dean of students BYU) (assistant to the associate dean of students BYU)

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The Badge....

The Badge….

"cantact me if you have questions"

“contact me if you have questions”

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